If you Want to know that, Please Read the rules Right now!


The Wiki

> Do Not Edit The Page With Offensive words, Spam Images, Spam Video, Alternate Offensive Words, And Spam Words

> Do Not Destroy Mario64 Alpha Home or its Will Protected and Blocked

> Make it cool, And You will Become Good Members

> If You Trying To Make a perfect Pages, Ask To Help

> Make Images Perfect And Cool. Images Is Good, It Okey.

> Add Video but not offensive*

> Do Not Upload Offensive Images, Or Will Be Deleted, If Re-uploaded, You Will Blocked

> If You Add Comment (ioedhciuegxgue30284hdauhmc.,meleo), (HIHNUYGTRE dat aceowuwuuhf), etc. You Will Blocked

> If you Edit From (I Love You) To (hwuewbxfsuuxmj) You Will Blocked

> If you are admin, Do not rename from (Mario Bros) to (kgn8yeawgsduyafcvfdyubgcvgnacvnxegcvnxgsc) or You Have Been Warned and no longer Admins

> If You Spam the Category (for example : Categories: NERD IS BAD | hmwaodbnxyj | ghxnsu | sh | jajajajaajaj | uxexh | auehjuxyx | qwjgjjjjjjjjjjjjjj | dwantara is stupid | i hate you | jyudsjdhasussssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss | a |) You Have Been Warned by Admins

> if You Add comment "Hell" "Fuck" "Heck" "Shit" "Crap" "Bitch" You Get Punishments or Warned By Admins, If Repeated, Blocked.

> If You Use Copyrighted Images Or Video Without permission, You Have Been Warned, If Repeated, You Are Blocked

*Video is only for youtube and Must Be Good

The Wiki Chat

> Chat Must be Good And Better

> Misbehaved Will Kicked And Messaged With Proof, If Misbehaved Again, You will Banned

> Do Not Use "Hell" "Fuck" "Heck" "Shit" "Crap" "Bitch" Or You will Kicked. If Repeated, You will Banned for long time

> Use Few Emoji. If Spammed, You will Kicked But Just A Good Messages With Proof, 2 time, Kicked And Messaged With Proof, 3 - 100 time, Banned!

> Do Not Spam The Words or You will Kicked And Messaged With Proofs, If Repeated, you will Banned from short to long time.

> If you trolling User Who is in Chat, You will Banned